All the things that are not there · OST

by Lucas Bolaño

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“All the things that are not there" tells the story of a young woman who travels from the East coast to the West coast of the USA following the steps of the American engineer and photographer Harold Edgerton. Her voice will lead us through an evocative and rather uncertain road trip, telling tales built upon Edgerton's experiments and deviating from his crystal-clear images.

Harold Edgerton was the inventor of the strobe light and the first high-speed pictures. He was also the inventor of the underwater photography and the camera used to record the first developments of the atomic bombs. The starting point of the movie is the paradoxical relationship between his photographs, that rendered visible the invisible, and the spaces where these pictures were taken, that remain forbidden and obscure to us. The film walks along the thin line between the images of the unknown darkness and the abrupt blindness caused by the radiant, revealing glare of the flash.

Our character will find herself confronted with the impossibility of entering the forbidden places where Edgerton worked. The movie wonders if these frustrating frontiers, the ones that make their vision impossible, are the key to thinking them differently, gaining access to these classified places through fictional reconstructions in which different characters will have to deal with blindness, non-existing sounds and imaginary limbs.


released July 1, 2014

Dirección - Teresa Solar Abboud
Guión - Teresa Solar Abboud
Fotografía - Carlos Fernández Pello
Edición - Carlos Fernández Pello y Teresa Solar Abboud
Sonido - Laro Basterrechea
Música - Lucas Bolaño
Intervienen - Adam Barwick, Sergio Reques, Sarah Quist, Javier Fernández Pello, Carlos Herranz, Richard Collins Moore

Duración - 41' 33"
Título - All the things that are not there (Todas las cosas que no están)
Idioma original - Inglés (Subtítulos en español)
Formato original - HD
Copia de proyección - DVD, HD Files (16/9 - 25fps)
Sonido - Estéreo
Género - Ensayo documental
Lugar de rodaje - EE.UU.
Nacionalidad - España
Fecha de producción - 2014




Lucas Bolaño Madrid, Spain

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